About FUSE

The Sunshine Coast is a magnet for visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists and others—people with diverse talents and something in common: we have all chosen this small peninsula of paradise as our home. For most of us, that decision comes with trade-offs in terms of career opportunities and workplace options.

Whether you are a commuter who longs to spend more of your days on the coast, an entrepreneur working to bring a dream to reality, or a professional looking for an alternative to working at home or spending countless hours at coffee shops, the FUSE Community Work Hub aims to meet your needs.

The FUSE Community Work Hub is:

  • A place where people can collaborate—or “work alone together”.
  • A community of entrepreneurs and professionals who possess different strengths but similar challenges.
  • A network of individuals who understand that sometimes 1 + 1 really does equal 3.
  • An incubator for people with vision and drive who need a little support to take that next big step.

FUSE History

FUSE Community Work Hub began as a co-working space for artists, writers, designers, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change on the Sunshine Coast – but it is much more than that. FUSE is an incubator for our fastest growing resource: innovation. We provide the space, services and resources necessary for a diverse group of people to flourish and thrive.

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Led by a Sunshine Coast based arts organization called Deer Crossing The Art Farm in 2012, an initiative entitled REACH (“Re-integrating Existing Assets into Community Hubs”) brought together a group of approximately 80 individuals representing local businesses, government, non-profit organizations and community groups for a series of strategic planning sessions to design, plan and build a shared work space for multiple sectors on the Coast. Out of these planning sessions, a steering committee was struck to negotiate the transitions from strategic plan to business plan to start-up. The steering committee decided on a name ‘Fuse Community Work Hub’ for the enterprise.

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Between January 2013 and January 2015, The Art Farm operated the FUSE Community Work Hub as a pilot project out of the Community Futures office in Sechelt, while continuing to offer innovative community economic development programming at the Art Farm and all across the community.

Two programs that stemmed from the FUSE initiative, Ignite 2013 and 2014, helped launch 10 new or re-vamped social enterprises, while numerous FUSE workshops, open houses and gatherings attracted diverse groups of creative and social entrepreneurs up and down the Sunshine Coast.

In January 2015, The Art Farm decided that it was not practical to continue operating the FUSE pilot location in Sechelt. Shared office space continues to be offered by Community Futures at that location, under the new name Work Hub 2, but the more broad FUSE initiative was briefly put on hold to allow for some re-thinking and re-tooling of the initial vision.

In the spring of 2015, Mark and Sheila Cameron of Catch Our Drift Productions purchased commercial space in lower Gibsons with plans to re-invigorate the FUSE brand. After much brainstorming and collaborating with The Art Farm, a new FUSE vision — and location — was born. Mark and Sheila aim to steward this venture to a point where it is financially self-sustainable, and it is our hope that FUSE may one day become a co-operative that belongs to the members it serves.

Onward and upward!